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Author and SAP® Financials Controlling expert John Jordan has written the following SAP FI/CO books on setting up and using the SAP Controlling module. You can purchase these books online from SAP Press.

smthb prodcostcontProduct Cost Controlling with SAP (3rd Edition)

If you are looking for a resource that shows you how to set up Controlling for Product Costing and how it integrates with other modules, this book is for you. Whether you're in Financials, Production Planning, Purchasing, Sales and Distribution, or have interest in the integrated areas of product costing, this book will teach you how overhead costs flow from financial postings to cost centers and then on to manufacturing orders. Find answers to your questions regarding the material ledger, transfer pricing, and reporting and discover how to address common problem areas, including month-end processing, long run times, and message and variance analysis.
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• Learn how Product Costing works and integrates with other modules
• Master integrated planning, product cost planning, manufacturing methods, reporting, and more
• Understand how to reduce long run times during month-end processing
• Comprehensive overview of Controlling with SAP
• Master data and configuration settings
• Material ledger configuration and integration details
• Make-to-stock, made-to-order, lot size, and repetitive manufacturing
• Long run times and message and variance analysis solutions
• Reporting

100 Things About Controlling100 Things You Should Know About Controlling with SAP (2nd Edition)

Tip 36:
You can reduce the clutter in cost estimate screens! 
Simplify cost estimate screens by reducing the number of cost component views listed. Although five cost component views are listed by default, you may not need to display them all. With this tip, you can learn how to view only the information you really want. Find out more on page 98.

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The books in SAP Press "100 Things" series each provide 100 practical, little-known tips, tricks, and workarounds to help you get the most out of your SAP system. 
Whether you’re a user, super-user, or consultant, you’ll find useful information to help you:

Save Time and Money 
With the time-saving shortcuts and workarounds provided, users of all levels will get the most out of their daily interaction with the system.

Increase Efficiency 
Use these insightful tips to configure screens to your personal needs, to significantly reduce the number of IT trouble tickets, and to work more efficiently. The books’ hands-on approach and easy-to-follow layout will help you to pick up new skills in no time.

Work Smarter 
Your SAP user experience will be friendlier and easier, and you may even find yourself saying, 
“I had no idea you could do this that way!” or “I wish I had known how to do this a long time ago!”


• Cost Center Accounting
• Internal Orders
• Profit Center Accounting
• Product Cost Planning
• Cost Object Controlling
• Material Ledger
• Profitability Analysis
• Controlling General
• Information System


smthb prodvarProduction Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling (2nd Edition)

Whether you're an end user, manager, or consultant, this is your ultimate resource to the variance analysis cycle. This book presents a detailed explanation of how production variance analysis works in Controlling with SAP, and focuses on the processes and reports that assist with all phases of the Controlling process.

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You'll learn Controlling concepts from a simple and easy-to-understand level, while being introduced to in-depth information on master data and configuration setup requirements, based on SAP ERP 6.0.

• Master production variance analysis in Controlling (CO) with SAP
• Reveal breakdown points in your company's performance and explore how these processes can be improved
• Learn how to make production processes more efficient to positively impact your bottom line

Updated and Revised Second Edition

Find new and updated information on long-term planning runs, marking allowance, configuring default yield and activity quantities during activity confirmation, and much more.

Comprehensive Coverage

Discover in-depth chapters that deal with each major sub-component of variance analysis, and include real-life examples and case study scenarios.

Process-by-Process Instructions

Explore all of the main processes, topics, and steps you will need in chronological order to effectively implement and conduct production variance analysis with the Controlling module.

CO Integration

Learn how Controlling integrates with other SAP functionalities, such as Production Planning (PP) and Materials Management (MM).

Practical Resources

Use the extensive glossary as a reference in your daily work and find further reading and resources to expand your knowledge on Controlling topics.


• Initial Planning
• Cost Estimates

• Actual Costs

• Period-End Processing

• Scrap Variance Analysis

• Reporting

• Standard Cost Estimate

• Total Variance

• Planning Scenarios

The Author

John Jordan is Founder and Principal Consultant at ERP Corp., specializing in Controlling and all associated integration areas. He assists companies improve the transparency of their production costs, which results in increased efficiency and profitability. He speaks regularly at conferences and has written three best-selling SAP Press books.