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Add Cost Component Groups to Cost Components

JJ newCost components group similar cost types together by cost element. Typically materials, labor, and overhead.

Cost components are not available as columns in standard cost estimate list reports. However, they are useful when analyzing production or purchasing performance across a range of products. Add cost components to standard cost estimate list reports and costed multilevel BOM reports by creating cost component groups and assigning them to cost components.

You create cost component groups with Transaction OKTZ or via the following IMG menu path:

Controlling • Product Cost Controlling • Product Cost Planning • BasicControlling • Product Cost Controlling • Product Cost Planning • BasicSettings for Material Costing • Define Cost Component Structure

Double-click Cost Component Groups on the left, click the New Entries button, type in your Cost Component Groups, and press Enter to display the screen shown in Figure 1.

96 001

Figure 1 Cost Component Groups Overview

Now that you’ve created cost component groups, you need to assign them to cost components. To do this, double-click Cost Components with Attributes on the left, and then double-click the first cost component on the right. Enter the appropriate cost component groups and press Enter to display the screen shown in Figure 2.

96 002

Figure 2 Cost Component Attribute Details—Cost Summarization

In the Cost Summarization section, you can assign two cost component groups to each cost component. In this example, the second group is a summarization level, so you would add the Total Material group to all material cost components.

The final step for reporting on cost component groups is to assign cost component groups to report columns. Cost component groups can be added as columns in standard reports listing cost estimates, such as Transaction S_P99_41000111. Click on the Change Layout icon and move the required cost component columns from the right side of the screen to the left. Press (Enter) and the required cost components will appear in the cost estimate list report.

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