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Introduction to SAP Material Ledger

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_3289.jpgMaterial Ledger is SAP’s solution to performing actual costing. It is supposed to contain the benefits (without inheriting the disadvantages) of the two traditional methods of inventory valuation - Standard Costing and Moving Average Costing. Before you can understand the functionality of Material Ledger, it is always good to start with some of the characteristics of these two traditional approaches.

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Ensure Corporate-wide Goal Alignment by Empowering the Production Floor with Key Process Indicators (KPI) through SAP

Any organization wanting to practice Lean techniques knows that the core objective of Lean is to eliminate the amount of non-value added activities in the process. The financial metrics and benefits of a Lean process can be calculated through profit and return on investment analysis. The keys to success in a Lean environment are training and communication in the name of corporate goal alignment.

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