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Controlling 2012 Conference Recap: Hot Topics – Part 3

IMG 0463The inaugural SAP Controlling conference took place September 23 – 25, 2012 in San Diego, CA. The conference brought together Controlling professionals from across the United States and Europe for 2 ½ days of sessions and networking.

A number of hot topics emerged during the course of the conference and were discussion points during sessions and networking. We have selected a few hot topics to share with you, along with related session content. Three Controlling 2012 presentations are available for download. In order to download the presentations, you will be asked to submit your contact information.

Many Controlling 2012 conference participants are evaluating SAP HANA and wanted to understand what the impact on their organization will be. Janet Salmon, Chief Product Owner for Management Accounting at SAP AG, presented a session called “The impact of SAP® HANA: Revolutionary changes for your SAP Controlling data?” and introduced HANA and described the new accelerators recently built allow for new possibilities in SAP Controlling.

CO-PA was another hot topic at Controlling 2012, both in the context of HANA and reconciliation issues. Paul Ovigele presented a session entitled “Systematic guidelines for reconciling CO-PA to the SAP General Ledger”. Attendees learned how to overcome one of the most common frustrations with CO-PA – the inability to easily reconcile it with the SAP General Ledger.

Tanya Duncan, SAP FICO Consultant with Deloitte, presented Lessons from the field for deploying a successful global SAP® Controlling rollout” and offered best practices for rolling out SAP Controlling (CO) functionality across multiple countries.

Stay tuned for the next and final conference highlight blog post on networking.

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