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The Most Prevalent Debate Amongst SAP Professionals: SAP Consulting Vs. Industry Q&A Webinar Recording Now Available

SAP Controlling Community members recently gathered for a webinar on The Most Prevalent Debate Among SAP Professionals: SAP Consulting Vs. Industry Q&A. Listen and get tips to help direct you career.

In this webinar, Tanya Duncan and Tracy Levine compare and contrast SAP careers in consulting vs. industry positions. 

Click here to listen to a recording of the webinar.

Leading up to the webinar - Tanya and Tracy published the following blog posts. 

The Most Prevalent Debate Among SAP Professionals by Tanya Duncan

The chicken or the egg, vanilla or chocolate, red or white wine, consulting or industry? Are these some of the biggest questions in the universe? You may argue not, however for a SAP professional, deciding between a consulting or industry position is an important career choice. This is one career choice you may reevaluate throughout your career depending on personal life events, career goals, and present opportunities. The truth is, there is no wrong choice. It’s about what opportunity works best for you at that point in your life and career. Read more...

ERP in the 21st Century: How the technology boom is changing the face of SAP by Tracy Levine

Believe it or not, there are more mobile devices than people. If you are looking for a career in technology, you’ve come to the right place. There’s no better time than the present. ERP is not lost in the burgeoning technology market... Over the past 40 years, SAP has been incredibly successful in solving complex business problems for companies and governments. As proud as we are of our past, we must focus on the future and address the new reality. Read more...

 The webinar was presented by Tanya Duncan and Tracy Levine.  

Tanya Duncan is a SAP FICO Consultant with Deloitte, the world's largest private professional services firm. She previously worked for Owens Corning, a Fortune 500 global building materials company in Toledo, OH. She has experience on global SAP deployments as a product costing lead and CO team member. Tanya is the author of The Essential SAP Career Guide, a beginner’s guide to SAP careers for students and professionals. Tanya graduated from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI in May 2010 with a BBA in Management Information Systems. Her second book, Practical Guide to CO-PC (Product Cost Controlling) is due out the summer of 2014.

Tracy Levine is SAP Application Consultant at itelligence with expertise in SAP GRC. She is the author of the blog Diary of a Postgrad SAP Consultant ( and frequently writes articles issues of importance to developing SAP professionals.

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