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Espresso Tutorials Authors Speaking at Controlling 2017

ET logo 4cThe Controlling 2017 conference features a number of best-selling Espresso Tutorials book authors on the speaker roster. Learn more about the authors and their books. 

Scott Cairncross


 Tanya Duncan


Sydnie McConnell 


Martin Munzel


Paul Ovigele


John Pringle


Ashish Sampat


Jörg Siebert


Marjorie Wright

Learn more about the authors and their sessions at Controlling 2017. 

ET logo 4cLike a cup of espresso coffee, Espresso Tutorials SAP books are condensed and effective. We know that your time is valuable and we deliver information in a succinct and straightforward manner, it only takes our readers a short amount of time to consume SAP concepts. Espresso Tutorials provides up to date information for today’s reader and today’s SAP book market. Our books are well-recognized in the industry for leveraging tutorial-style instruction and videos to show you step by step how to successfully work with SAP.

Get access to all of these books and the entire Espresso Tutorials SAP eBook Library by starting a free 14-day trial. Learn more.

Espresso Tutorials is the Controlling 2017 Exhibits Passport sponsor. Be sure to stop by their booth to learn more about Espresso Tutorials!


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