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Learn more about Controlling 2016 Silver Conference Lanyard Sponsor Kern Americas

Kern Americas Controlling Conference Silver Sponsor

 ERP Corp is pleased to announce that Kern Americas will be a silver sponsor for Controlling 2016. They will sponsor the conference lanyards. 

Allevo: The next generation of financial and cost planning software. Over 100 companies across the manufacturing, retail, and financial services industries have already chosen Allevo as the intelligent, all-in-one software to simplify their resource planning in SAP ERP. Allevo by Kern AG creates flexible and transparent planning, forecasting, and budgeting by seamlessly integrating with your existing SAP ERP environment. Allevo creates efficiencies for your organization by removing the need for tedious, manual data consolidation and analytics required to monitor budgets and spending across multiple, and even globally dispersed organizations. From budgeting to benchmarking analysis, Allevo provides multiple modules to empower your teams to make informed, active decisions from real-time, customized data transparency and reporting. Developed by Kern AG, offering 12+ years of experience in collaborating with Enterprises to create cost planning solutions, Allevo is the software to power the day-to-day budgetary needs of your business. 

Adrian Rochofski from Kern will present a session at Controlling 2016 called SAP + MS Excel - Building a bridge to financial excellence, as well as lead an expert-led networking session on planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Learn more about Adrian's presentations. 

Be sure to stop by Kern's booth at Controlling 2016 and learn more about their products and services. Learn more about Kern.


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