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Controlling 2017

Adaptive Leadership and Organizational Change Management Trends for SAP Controlling Professionals

Jeff Klabish

Controlling 2014

SAP Controlling: 5 steps to understand SAP Product Costing

Tanya Duncan

All About SAP and SAP Controlling

David Dixon

Customer Testimonial

Kay Sencabaugh

SAP Accounting Powered by SAP HANA

Janet Salmon

Controlling 2013

Is SAP Material Ledger right for your company?

Paul Ovigele

SAP Controlling 2013 Johnson & Johnson Keynote

Eric Chinchilla

Case Study: How Rockwell Automation optimized its product costing process

Chris Karch

Case Study: How Deere & Company developed SAP CO-PA and SAP SOP for accurate financial forecasting

Naveen Tandon

Thoughts on Controlling 2013

Janet Salmon

Customer Testimonial


Controlling 2012 

Customer Testimonial  

Kelly Srivastava, John Logan  

Customer Testimonial  

Joe Cravero 

Customer Testimonial  

Michael DeLeo



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