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Activity Postings 2: Category 1 Activity Types and Posting


Our journey through activity type postings begins with activity type category 1 (manual entry, manual allocation).  I think of category 1 as the vanilla ice cream of posting activity.  This is the most straightforward method to use and understand.  Activity types defined with this category must be directly posted to a cost center and at the same time have a cost object for the allocation assigned.  Look at the definition of activity type CATEG1 below.  In this case, the actual allocation category is left blank, which means that it will be the same as the plan activity type category.  For CATEG1, that means the actual category will be 1.

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SAP Controlling Tip: How to create an internal order budget

ExclusiveContentBlog250Tip 14 from 100 Things You Should Know About Controlling with SAP (2nd Edition) by John Jordan:

You can use internal order budgeting to control actual expenditures by activating availability control. 

An internal order budget represents funds approved by management. A budget is maintained at either an overall or annual level. You can activate availability control, which can issue warning or error messages based on defined tolerances. Let's look at how to create an internal order budget and how to activate availability control.

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Espresso Tutorials Authors Speaking at Controlling 2017

ET logo 4cThe Controlling 2017 conference features a number of best-selling Espresso Tutorials book authors on the speaker roster. Learn more about the authors and their books. 

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All About the Controlling 2017 Conference – Meeting with Conference Organizers (Reserve Your Place Now!)

ControllingTeamDon’t miss your opportunity to attend a webinar with Controlling 2017 conference organizers. In this interactive meeting intended for individuals who have not attended the Controlling Conference previously, you will have the opportunity to meet the conference team, learn more about how to get the most out of the event, and get your questions answered. 

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Activity Postings Part 1: Activity Types in Review

TomKingMy company began its odyssey with SAP back in 2007, and I was a charter member of the FICO team by virtue of my work with product costing in our legacy world.  I quickly found out that the way SAP handles costing and controlling was like something from a parallel universe.  The concepts were familiar, but the structures and processes were alien to me.  One of the first items that I ran into was the activity type.  Ah, I thought, a familiar concept! 

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Webinar Recording Now Available: Adaptive Leadership and Organizational Change Management Trends for SAP Controlling Professionals Presented by Jeff Klabish

Jeff Klabish

In the current business climate, many organizations are in a state of change chaos struggling to simultaneously manage many different change priorities. Learn how to effective navigate change in this recorded webinar: Adaptive Leadership and Organizational Change Management Trends for SAP Controlling Professionals with expert Jeff Klabsh.

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Webinar Registration Open: Best practices to leverage SAP data for forward-looking business simulations Presented by Matthew Smith, President & CEO, 3C Software


May 25 at 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST: Operational Transfer Pricing Analytics Webinar Presented by Matthew Smith, President & CEO, 3C Software

Do you need help answering the one question every CFO really wants to know – “How will this change affect my P&L?” Hear how companies leverage SAP data and other sources to establish a robust business simulation platform that shows costs and profits at every business dimension.

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Video Blog: How Woodward improved SAP BPC performance


The first phase of Woodward’s SAP BPC implementation and upgrade was relatively simple. In this session, we’ll dive into the second phase of the implementation and the steps
Woodward took to improve performance.

This recorded session from the Controlling 2016 conference presented by Sydnie McConnell dives into how Woodward improved their SAP BPC performance.

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Learn more about Controlling 2017 Gold Conference Sponsor 3C Software

3C Software Controlling 2015 Gold Sponsor

 ERP Corp is pleased to announce that 3C Software is a gold sponsor of the Controlling 2017 conference. They will sponsor the conference bag for attendees. 

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Video Blog: Using SAP templates for activity allocation in CO

Martin Sydnie Award Resized

Haven’t tried SAP templates because you think they’re too complex? Listen to this presentation recording to dispel that myth and get a simple, step-by-step explanation of which business scenario templates might be useful for you, and how to use them. 

This recorded session from the Controlling 2016 conference presented by SAP CO expert Martin Munzel dives into how to get the most out of SAP templates.

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