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Video Blog: How Woodward improved SAP BPC performance


The first phase of Woodward’s SAP BPC implementation and upgrade was relatively simple. In this session, we’ll dive into the second phase of the implementation and the steps
Woodward took to improve performance.

This recorded session from the Controlling 2016 conference presented by Sydnie McConnell dives into how Woodward improved their SAP BPC performance.

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Learn more about Controlling 2017 Gold Conference Sponsor 3C Software

3C Software Controlling 2015 Gold Sponsor

 ERP Corp is pleased to announce that 3C Software is a gold sponsor of the Controlling 2017 conference. They will sponsor the conference bag for attendees. 

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Video Blog: Using SAP templates for activity allocation in CO

Martin Sydnie Award Resized

Haven’t tried SAP templates because you think they’re too complex? Listen to this presentation recording to dispel that myth and get a simple, step-by-step explanation of which business scenario templates might be useful for you, and how to use them. 

This recorded session from the Controlling 2016 conference presented by SAP CO expert Martin Munzel dives into how to get the most out of SAP templates.

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SAP S/4HANA® Finance – From Batch To Real-Time


Finance professionals and Controllers traditionally face increased workloads at the end of every period, and especially at year-end. Batch jobs need to be started and results monitored and analyzed. Reliable information showing the complete picture is only available after the period close process is completed. For companies with high work in process, this can mean that there are thousands of dollars sitting on projects awaiting settlement.

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Learn more about Controlling 2017 Silver Sponsor Kern Americas

Kern Americas Controlling Conference Silver Sponsor

ERP Corp is pleased to announce that Kern Americas will be a silver sponsor for Controlling 2017. They will sponsor the conference lanyards. 

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Video Blog: Top 10 best practices for year-end closing in PS and AA


Closing the year for SAP Project System (SAP PS) and SAP Asset Accounting (SAP AA) is no trivial task. Do it wrong and you’ll create serious problems ranging from reconciliation issues to significant reporting inconsistencies. 

This recorded session from the Controlling 2016 conference presented by SAP experts Kent Bettisworth and Thomas Michael prepares you for a smooth closing process.

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SAP PRESS Authors Featured Speakers at Controlling 2017 Conference

ExclusiveContentBlogSizeThe Controlling 2017 conference on September 18-21, 2017 in San Diego features a number of prominent SAP PRESS book authors on the speaker roster. Learn more about the authors, their books, and their Controlling 2017 conference presentations.

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SAP Controlling Tip: Understanding Process versus Production Orders

JJordan400ResizedTip 50 from 100 Things You Should Know About Controlling with SAP (2nd Edition) by John Jordan:

Process orders provide you with extra functionality, such as phases and process instructions for process industries. 

If you use production orders, the system transfers a routing and a bill of material (BOM) into the master data of the order header. If you’re manufacturing on the basis of process orders, the system uses the master recipe and associated materials list. The difference occurs because process industries manufacture in phases, converting initial liquid batches into consumable batches, which are then bottled and packaged.

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Video Blog: Important updates to SAP Fixed Asset Accounting in SAP S/4HANA


New SAP Fixed Asset Accounting was primarily shipped with Enhancement Package 7 and is mandatory for all SAP customers using SAP S/4HANA Finance. Are you up to speed? This recorded session from the Controlling 2016 conference presented by SAP FI expert Jörg Siebert covers the changes to configuration, data structure, and posting rule updates you need to be aware of.

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Video Blog: SAP S/4HANA Migration Considerations


At the Controlling 2016 conference, Janet Salmon presented a plenary session called SAP S/4 HANA – Let’s get under the covers. Dive into an excerpt of Janet's presntation focused on SAP S/4HANA migration options and get access to the recorded presentation. 

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